December 3rd, 1980 – Wednesday

I haven’t had time to write. I’m too busy. Thanksgiving was okay. I didn’t eat much. Popper and Ryan say I’m fat. I didn’t get to see Carol much. That bummed me out.

Now I’m back and I’ve got shitloads of stuff to do. Only a week and half left of Term 1. It went so fast. I really screwed up this term. But I’ve learned my lesson.

December 15th is the Bruce Springsteen concert!! I can’t wait. I’m gonna let it all out at the concert. Hyper-City!

After the concert, I go home (on the 16th) for x-mas. But will I have a chance to relax when I get there? NOOOooooo! I’ve gotta go x-mas shopping and make x-mas cards, etc. “Happy Holidays”

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know…”

p.s. – Just thought I’d add that Popper and I got along like cat and dog while I was home. We sorta made an agreement to see other people, if anything comes up, and “hang buck” for awhile. Things will work out.

And, I saw Rick B while I was home. We stayed out until 5 o’clock drinking at the Ramapough Inn. We had a blast. He is such a sweetheart. He said a lot of nice things to me when he drove me home. For the strong, macho-type, he certainly has a lot of deep running emotions.

I think the funniest thing that he said to me was, “You are such a fox!” I cracked up in his face – he got pissed and went on and on about it. What a card.

He also said he loved me a lot as a friend, that he cares about me, and he’s glad that we stayed friends and kept in touch when we went away to school.He aslo said he missed me a lot while he was away. I swear I thought he was gonna cry. I couldn’t believe the things I was hearing. Out of the blue he was saying this stuff. I miss him! I wan to talk to him – he’s “a cool dude in a loose mood.”(Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band – Eugene)

Anyway… I’ve gotta get back to work. I hope to write a lot when I get through with all my papers and finals.

“I can see you in the morning when you go to school

Don’t forget your books, ya know you’ve got to learn the Golden Rule”

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