November 6th, 1980 – Thursday

I don’t really feel like writing, but I pulled this out anyway and dated it, so I guess I have to write something.


I suppose I should have written that Popper asked me to marry him yesterday. It was really weird. We were talking on the phone and we got into a conversation about rings and engagements. And he said, “ Do you want that ring to be your engagement ring?” (he gave me an opal ring on my 18th birthday this year). And I said, “ Yeah, that would be nice.” So he said, “ Then it is; it’s your engagement ring.” I started to cry a little and he said, “I don’t believe I’m asking you over the phone. I wish you were here.” And I said, “But you didn’t even ask me right.” So he said, very calmly, and seriously, and after a long pause, “Nancy, will you marry me?” And I started crying and I said yes (of course!). He couldn’t believe it – he was saying, “ Really? Really? You mean it?” It was great – I’m bawling and he’s jumping up and down. Then he was screaming at Ryan to “come here” and then he tells Ryan. It all seems so corny – but I know Popper, and I know when he’s serious. And he was serious. It seems so unreal. I still can’t take it seriously. Maybe if I was there with him when he asked it would be a lot different. I know it would. He kept saying, “You’re an engaged woman now, Nance. Don’t forget that!” He said we would be married in 1986. Geeze! That is so far away!

I don’t know whether to tell people or not because I still don’t believe it really. I told Lisa and she went crazy. She thought it was great – she’s very excited for me. And Cheryl was, too. Meg didn’t believe it. But she never does when I tell her anything good. I always have to tell her over and over again that I mean it and I’m not joking about it (like with the Bruce Springsteen tickets!).

WOW. I wonder if I should tell my mom? No. I don’t think so. I don’t consider it an official engagement. I wonder if Popper does? When I go home we’ll have to talk about it.

“Working for the Clampdown”

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