November 9th, 1980 – Sunday

I had like 6 things that I wanted to say, but I got up, went to the bathroom, put on an album, and forgot what they were!


I really should have started this journal the 1st day I came to Emerson. Wow, college! For years and years people talk about college, while you’re still in high school. But when you get there – here – it’s no big deal. Well, that’s not true for everybody. I don’t mean to sound like I’m not thrilled to be here. I love it here. I don’t ever wanna go home!!!! (that is – for good. I mean live there and not go to school and work in Caldors the rest of my life).

Emerson College is great, the people are wonderful. I fit in here so much better than I did in high school. I look back now and realize that I was never comfortable in high school. I was a nobody – sort of. You had to be in a clique to be a part of things – to be “in”. Fuck that shit!! People here except me for what I am. They don’t dislike me for what I’m not. I’m unique here. People respect me and I respect them.

I don’t think it’s the same in all colleges. This college is full of articulate, artistic, open people. There are so many theater majors and radio majors and etc. I’m right where I should be. I think I can get something done and have a fantastic time while I’m at it.

“Don’t surround yourself with yourself, move on back to squares, send an instant comet to me, initial it with loving care”

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