November 6th, 1980 – Thursday

I don’t really feel like writing, but I pulled this out anyway and dated it, so I guess I have to write something.


I suppose I should have written that Popper asked me to marry him yesterday. It was really weird. We were talking on the phone and we got into a conversation about rings and engagements. And he said, “ Do you want that ring to be your engagement ring?” (he gave me an opal ring on my 18th birthday this year). And I said, “ Yeah, that would be nice.” So he said, “ Then it is; it’s your engagement ring.” I started to cry a little and he said, “I don’t believe I’m asking you over the phone. I wish you were here.” And I said, “But you didn’t even ask me right.” So he said, very calmly, and seriously, and after a long pause, “Nancy, will you marry me?” And I started crying and I said yes (of course!). He couldn’t believe it – he was saying, “ Really? Really? You mean it?” It was great – I’m bawling and he’s jumping up and down. Then he was screaming at Ryan to “come here” and then he tells Ryan. It all seems so corny – but I know Popper, and I know when he’s serious. And he was serious. It seems so unreal. I still can’t take it seriously. Maybe if I was there with him when he asked it would be a lot different. I know it would. He kept saying, “You’re an engaged woman now, Nance. Don’t forget that!” He said we would be married in 1986. Geeze! That is so far away!

I don’t know whether to tell people or not because I still don’t believe it really. I told Lisa and she went crazy. She thought it was great – she’s very excited for me. And Cheryl was, too. Meg didn’t believe it. But she never does when I tell her anything good. I always have to tell her over and over again that I mean it and I’m not joking about it (like with the Bruce Springsteen tickets!).

WOW. I wonder if I should tell my mom? No. I don’t think so. I don’t consider it an official engagement. I wonder if Popper does? When I go home we’ll have to talk about it.

“Working for the Clampdown”

November 5th, 1980 – Wednesday

It is very early Wednesday morning – like 2:20 to be exact. I just wanted to jot down real quick that Ronald Reagan is the new President of the United States. I still can’t believe it.

Earlier this evening there was an election party on the 3rd floor. All the T.V.’s were going and the place was all decorated – the whole hall! It was great. But when I heard that Carter might concede I got upset. And then when he did concede, I was near tears. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure that Carter had it in the bag. And when he started losing – or rather  when it was obvious that he had absolutely no chance whatsoever to win it, everyone was saying that they knew he (Reagan) was gonna win it. Where the hell have I been?! I’m so confused! Are these the same people who were telling me that Carter was going to win? Do they know what the hell they’re taking about? I’m so upset that things turned out the way they did. I’m stunned. I just can’t understand it. I feel like I’ve been missing in time and space here and things turned around without me knowing it.

What really gets me pissed is that all summer I was for Reagan. I kept saying that he seemed like a nice guy and how he had some good ideas. I liked Reagan. But everyone got on my case about it. They put him down and said all sorts of nasty shit about him. The thing that got me the most pissed was when they said stuff about his acting career. Who gives a shit if he was an actor – a bad actor. We’re talking politics here.

So anyway – I got a lot of shit. So, I get to COLLEGE – the big C – and I hear more about Anderson. And then more and more. So, who the hell do I vote for? Anderson. I didn’t really want to. I was so confused. It seemed like the right thing to do. But I didn’t feel right about it. Right after I mailed my absentee ballot out, I had this awful, horrible feeling that I had made a mistake. I really had wanted to vote for Reagan. And so it goes… Reagan won. Wow – it’s pretty neat, but honestly, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

“Hey! I’m gonna get you, too! Another one bites the dust!”